Laptop Loans

For students in Computer Science programmes only:

The School has a small number of laptops that can be loaned to students.  In general, these loans are very short term i.e. less than 1 day, to be used during practical sessions.  These loans can be used as a temporarily solution while waiting for a new laptop to be delivered, or while a laptop is being repaired. In particular, it will not be possible to use these as a replacement for purchasing your own laptop.

This service is restricted to Computer Science students only. If you are not a Computer Science student, please check laptop loans from IT Services and the Library below.

If you need a laptop loan for a particular practical session, please contact one of the demonstrators at the start of the class.

If you need a laptop outside a practical class, please contact or call into the Tech Support Office A0.03, Computer Science Building. 

Laptop loans are also available from IT Services and the James Joyce Library.