Support for Student Laptops

School staff are available for advice on choosing a laptop, installing applications, configuring dual boot machines (e.g. Windows and Linux, MacOS and Windows etc). For more information, or if you have any queries or comments, please contact CS Help.

If you have a problem with your laptop please contact us. We can diagnose and (hopefully ...) repair software / operating system problems.

Many issues can be avoided by reading and implementing the security recommendations.  In particular, we regularly encounter users that haven't done any, or recent, backups, and software or hardware problems cause more problems than would otherwise be the case.

We can also diagnose hardware problems but cannot provide hardware, in the event of replacement hardware or components being required. However, we can assist in the sourcing of replacement hardware components and installation. If your laptop is under warranty any hardware replacement should be covered. A new laptop should have a minimum of 1 year hardware warranty.