Using laptops in the School

General Information

A lot of the information you need is in the IT Services Online IT Guide.

For information on UCD's wireless networks, please go here.

IT Services have a lot of information on wireless and laptops in UCD.

Check the UCD Copi-Print site for information on printing.


If you need to download and install software, first check the CS Software Downloads. License keys for this software are for computer science students exclusively.  You can also check the IT Services Software Download page on UCD Connect.

Microsoft Dreamspark

The School is a member of the Microsoft Dreamspark Premium Programme (formerly Microsoft Development Network Academic Alliance), which permits us to provide Microsoft development software and operating systems to students. This includes all operating systems, applications such as Project and Visio, and development suites like Visual Studio.  We make some software available on the School software site above, but contact us if you need a particular application or version that is not listed.

Microsoft Office 365

The Microsoft Office suite of applications is available via Microsoft Office 365 for Students who may install this software on up to 5 devices. See below: 

If you need to purchase software, some sites that may be of interest are:

Higher Education Authority



Software 4 Students

Recommendations on Laptop Use in UCD

  • Remember not to leave your laptop unattended in public areas.
  • Use strong passwords for all devices and systems. In particular, change the default password on UCD Connect and SIS.
  • It is essential for you to have backups of your data.  Data can be lost for many reasons including hardware failure, accidental deletion, system compromise etc, so you need to have your important data backed up elsewhere. You need to decide exactly what needs to be backed up, but at a minimum all documents, reports, source code etc should be included. There are a number of alternatives for backups including 
    • external hard drives
    • UCD provided storage 
    • Other network storage (e.g. Google, Microsoft etc)
  • Your machine should be as secure as possible. An important component will be to use a modern, up to date operating system, and then making sure that essential system upgrades and fixes are installed. Another is the use of antivirus software, and Sophos Anti Virus is provided by UCD. General security recommendations are available here.  
  • Secure mobile devices such as smartphones or tablet computers with a PIN.